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"Each piece you see on this site is individually designed and hand built by me.

In my many years of involvement with the three-dimensional world, I have worked professionally as a sculptor, teacher, draftsman, metal worker, foundry man, woodworker and furniture maker.

It is my hope you will enjoy living with your things as much as I enjoy conceiving and building them."​---Rob 



Check out Rob in the studio, making things...

Fine Concept Furniture and Accessories with Sculptural Elements in Wood and Metal    

Creative vision, bold design.

NEW! Weeks’ Walnut Dining Table -  July 2017

Walnut - cut and milled on the client's property.

Hand-forged Aluminum, anodized black.

​Functional, artful, one-of-a-kind,  

designed to suit your lifestyle

130 Carney Road

Ulster Park

New York 12487



By appointment

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