The fine print

Creating a new, as yet unrealized piece of furniture requires a design process. After detailed discussions  with you, I will submit a design proposal that outlines the project, with a general estimate of the future cost. If you agree to the proposal, a 15% design fee (to be credited against the exact cost) is required.

I will provide up to 4 prospective drawings of your project. You may be satisfied with one drawing, or perhaps parts of all of them. Your responses will be incorporated into another drawing. When we are pleased with the overall design, I will furnish a detailed description of your furniture that includes perspective and measured drawings, materials and an exact price.

Create something new

There are two ways to have an item made:

  • Select a design from my portfolio
  • Work with me to create a new furniture design based on my aesthetic.



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A 50% deposit is required upon signing a proposal. Receipt of your deposit determines the timing of completion and delivery.

Design fees are refundable for two weeks after I receive your payment unless drawings have been completed. Due to the open nature of the design process, this fee cannot be used to determine the order of completion. The balance due (plus sales tax and delivery charge) is due in full upon delivery.

All drawings and designs remain the property of Rob Hare and may not be reproduced or taken to another for construction or competitive bidding without my permission.

If you have found something in my portfolio that seems ideal for you, there are still choices to be considered. For example, dining tables must fit the room they are placed in and seat a desired number of guests. Beds should be built not only to the mattress size, but also to a comfortable height for you. Wood, and wood grain are important choices so the furniture fits your decor. Choosing the options that work for you makes each piece unique.

Once you have made your choices, I will furnish a proposal that includes all the particulars of your furniture, including drawings, if applicable.

Select an existing design

I love making things and hope to convey that pleasure, and share it with my clients. Trust is an important part of the client/maker relationship. Although a contract can be both reassuring and a framework upon which trust can develop, trust given and respected beyond a contract can make the creation of the most complex project an enjoyable process.