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Made by Hand: Fine Furniture with Sustainable Style by Julia Walker
Organic Hudson Valley, Sept/Oct 2015

"A Maker of Things from Houses to Sculpture" by Deborah J. Botti

Record Online, Times-Herald Record, July 23, 2015

​​"Form Meets Function" by Lynn Hazlewood
Hudson Valley Magazine, July 2010

SHOP TOURSFine Woodworking, March 25, 2010

"Where Fine Art meets Functionality" by Ross Rice

ROLL Magazine, 2015

"Pairing Wood and Metal" by Zachary Gaulking

Home Furniture , 1997

HOME PROFILE: A Handcrafted Woodland Retreat
By Kim Marshall, Photos by Winona Barton-Ballentine Pages 18-21, Upstate House, Winter 2021

DECK CHAIR WITH FLAIR: Tapers, Curves, and Angles Converge in a Sleek Durable Outdoor Chair by Rob Hare. Fine Woodworking, May/June 2021

Upstate House, Winter 2021

"Laminating Curves" by Rob Hare

Fine Woodworking , 1997

Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place - Contemporary Studio Furniture”
The Furniture Society* ISBN-13: 978-0764349485
Shiffer Publishing, August 2015

"A Maker of Things" by Deborah J. Botti, images by Michael Bloom

Ulster Magazine ,  July/August 2015