HOME PROFILE: A Handcrafted Woodland Retreat
By Kim Marshall, Photos by Winona Barton-Ballentine Pages 18-21, Upstate House, Winter 2021

"A Maker of Things" by Deborah J. Botti, images by Michael Bloom

Ulster Magazine ,  July/August 2015

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"Laminating Curves" by Rob Hare

Fine Woodworking , 1997

"Pairing Wood and Metal" by Zachary Gaulking

Home Furniture , 1997

Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place - Contemporary Studio Furniture”
The Furniture Society* ISBN-13: 978-0764349485
Shiffer Publishing, August 2015

Upstate House, Winter 2021

DECK CHAIR WITH FLAIR: Tapers, Curves, and Angles Converge in a Sleek Durable Outdoor Chair by Rob Hare. Fine Woodworking, May/June 2021

Made by Hand: Fine Furniture with Sustainable Style by Julia Walker
Organic Hudson Valley, Sept/Oct 2015

"A Maker of Things from Houses to Sculpture" by Deborah J. Botti

Record Online, Times-Herald Record, July 23, 2015

​​"Form Meets Function" by Lynn Hazlewood
Hudson Valley Magazine, July 2010

SHOP TOURSFine Woodworking, March 25, 2010

"Where Fine Art meets Functionality" by Ross Rice

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