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"I was once asked to rebuild a Gerrit Reitveld “Z” Chair (a classic of modern furniture design) which had been seriously damaged. The project inspired this design. I expected it to be the most uncomfortable chair imaginable, until I sat on it and  learned that flat can be amazingly comfortable. Your friends will never ask to move to the living room after dinner."---Rob

The solid wood seats and backs are book-matched. Sets are always made from wood from the same log so the color will age consistently and have a continuity of grain.

For those who want a little extra padding on the seat, a form-fit cushion is also available. The curve of the 'Essex' variation works especially well with my eliptical and round table tops.


Cherry and Mahogany Side and Arm Chairs

Wrought steel legs. Available as a side chair, arm chair or desk chair with casters and also as the “Essex Chair” with curved front and top edges.[Design patent #344.195]

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Claro Couch

Claro walnut, wrought steel, with custom cushions. 8'9"L x 3'2"H x 2'10"D.

​Claro Armchair 

Claro walnut, wrought steel, with custom cushions.

Terrace Chairs

Honduran Mahogany  Also available in Redwood.