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​Claro Armchair 

Claro walnut, wrought steel, with custom cushions.

Cherry and Mahogany Side and Arm Chairs

Wrought steel legs. Available as a side chair, arm chair or desk chair with casters and also as the “Essex Chair” with curved front and top edges.[Design patent #344.195]

Terrace Chairs

Honduran Mahogany  Also available in Redwood.

Claro Couch

Claro walnut, wrought steel, with custom cushions. 8'9"L x 3'2"H x 2'10"D.


"I was once asked to rebuild a Gerrit Reitveld “Z” Chair (a classic of modern furniture design) which had been seriously damaged. The project inspired this design. I expected it to be the most uncomfortable chair imaginable, until I sat on it and  learned that flat can be amazingly comfortable. Your friends will never ask to move to the living room after dinner."---Rob

The solid wood seats and backs are book-matched. Sets are always made from wood from the same log so the color will age consistently and have a continuity of grain.

For those who want a little extra padding on the seat, a form-fit cushion is also available. The curve of the 'Essex' variation works especially well with my eliptical and round table tops.


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