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Narrow Sideboard. 84"H x 30"W x 24"D.Solid cherry with wrought steel.
Eastern walnut dining table. 42"W x 96"L x 30"H. Two drawers each side. Seats 10. Wrought steel base.
Long table. 12'L x 4'W x 2'4"H. Solid mahogany amd wrought steel.
Cherry arm and mohogany side chairs. Wrought Steel legs. Design patent #344,195
Elliptical maple dining table. 7'L x 3'6"W x 2'4"H. Wrought steel base and solid claro top. Seats 8 to 10.
Wood round table. 7' Dia. x 2'4"H. Solid cherry wood.

Essex table. 7'4"L x 3'10"W x 2'4"H.Claro walnut and wrought steel base with two drawers. Claro walnut chairs (design pat. #344,195).

Dining room furniture